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How To Make Plywood Boxes • 11 of 64 • Woodworking project for kitchen cabinets, desks, etc…

Solid Wood Banding In this video we take hard maple and mill it into strips to be used for banding our plywood boxes. In this roughing…

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DIY plywood fish tank

One of a kind waterfall and fountain fish. Home to 4 leopard frogs, 5 black apple snails, red fire eel, tire tread eel, black ghost knife fish, bircher lapra…

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DIY Canvas and Plywood Kayak: Part 12 Painting the bottom

Using semi-gloss exterior latex to paint the bottom of the boat. Remember… this boat isn’t going to be in the water for days on end so we can get away with…

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Stripping Plywood on our concrete project

Stripping plywood from our concrete project, slab and inside walls.

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Plywood Production Line from Jaya International

JAYA INTERNATIONAL,has been dealing in woodworking machinery for more than 18 years, started from Jaya Trading at the beginning of 1992. In 2008, we made gre…

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Roofing bad plywood all day 518

I hate replacing plywood its dirty and I don’t get any extramoney to do it.

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Made in the Bronx (short documentary about wooden boat building) – Stephen Dypiangco

At Rocking The Boat, an after school program in the Bronx, high school students learn how to build a boat using their hands. This cinema verite dcoumentary f…

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Cutting Full Sheets of Plywood

In this short, I’m showing how I approach ripping full size sheet goods. My jointer is positioned so I can use it to get the sheets into position and I use a…

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RONA – How To Lay Floor Tiles

Tile can be installed over various types of subfloor. The most suitable materials for the subfloor are concrete, plywood and cement board. A plywood subfloor…

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Little electric boat painting progress 001.MOV

We have the little electric boat 95% painted. I still need to finish the bow transition with an inlay and determine the finish on the transom transition.

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