How To Make Plywood Boxes • 11 of 64 • Woodworking project for kitchen cabinets, desks, etc…

Solid Wood Banding In this video we take hard maple and mill it into strips to be used for banding our plywood boxes. In this roughing…

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  1. shouldibehere says:

    Probably a stupid question but why not use the table saw instead of the band saw for this step?

  2. askwoodman says:

    It is not a stupid question. That bandsaw with the 3″ blade is a ripping resaw machine. It only takes an 1/16″ kerf and cuts without almost any dust because of the aggressiveness of the blade. Rip for rip I would say it cuts 3x faster than even my big General 350 table saw. Later in the series you are not going to believe what it does when rough ripping all the drawer stock. But these operations could be done on my table saw, just not as fast and with more dust.

  3. shouldibehere says:

    Thanks for the explanation. My bandsaw (vintage 50s Rockwell) is a sawdust making machine. I only use it when I have to, because of the dust it creates. I didn’t notice that the blade of your saw was 3″. That’s one heck of a blade. How are you handling the new YouTube version? It’s harder for viewers to keep track of our subscriptions now. I hope they listen to us and fix some of these annoyances. Again, thanks for posting. I enjoy learning new things from you.

  4. askwoodman says:

    That machine is a Hitachi CB75F. I have had it since 1990. I have shot some resaw video for making book matched panels and other interesting operations that machine shines at. It is an incredible tenon cutter also. I can also remove the 3″ blade and put on a different blade guide assembly and run down to 1/4″ scrolling blades. The YouTube changes are pretty overwhelming. It is a crazy new world to try to understand. Just as I was understanding the old layout.

  5. shouldibehere says:

    Yup, same here. Looking forward to the rest of the series…if I can find it when its posted.
    Take care.

  6. smfield says:

    I missed what your doing with the jointer the second time. Were you jointing another face or the resaw face to clean it up again?

  7. askwoodman says:

    Yes just cleaning up the resawn face to cut again. It is just the way I keep from getting confused about grain direction. So I can keep those strips oriented the way I know the grain is laying down for a clean cut on the planer. I really hate blowout.

  8. duncang55 says:

    I missed it, how thick were the cuts on the bandsaw?

  9. boyzwithboardz says:

    Love that band saw. Jealous!

  10. askwoodman says:

    Thanks a lot. It makes short work of sizing solid wood. I just welded and new rolling assembly for it that I will show soon. Thanks for taking the time to reach out and Happy New Year. Allan

  11. Jay Bates says:

    I cant get over how wide that re-saw blade is. Nice :) How thick are the wheels on that beast?!

  12. askwoodman says:

    The cast iron wheels are really stout on this little machine. 16″ 41cm in diameter by 2.75 7cm rubber coated wheels that look barely worn after 24 years. The fence has always given me problems with locking without shifting, so I just pulled it and put in a shorty Biesemeyer guide rail so now my VerySuperCool Tools t-square table saw fence works perfectly on the band saw with no adjustment. I will post video of that build soon.

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