Little electric boat painting progress 001.MOV

We have the little electric boat 95% painted. I still need to finish the bow transition with an inlay and determine the finish on the transom transition.

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8 Responses to Little electric boat painting progress 001.MOV

  1. Rod Auger says:

    Mannn the boat looking good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Edwyrd Karn says:

    very good, your going to beat me by a mile, i do believe! can’t wait to see it in the water, Later, Ed.

  3. ronaldhotboy says:

    Wow brother freaking nice! I’m so ready!

  4. voltron63 says:

    outstanding work ….

  5. pickleme101 says:

    Thanks for watching Edwyrd. Painting done now need to make the hitch for the car and re make the trolling motor

  6. KiddxKRUSH says:

    good job papa my dad is going to see

  7. KiddxKRUSH says:

    by maria

  8. Bob Linton says:

    Hey Pickle! When you get done you have to makes us some adventure videos. Go on a long trip with camping gear. That would be so fun!
    Thanks for sharing!

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